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  • Why Your At-Home Workouts Aren’t Happening

    Why Your At-Home Workouts Aren’t Happening

    Do you find yourself planning to exercise from home, but seem to never actually get around to it? Do you wake up every day with a thought of getting your workout in at some point, but a snap of the fingers later the day is over, and no exercise has taken place? You are not alone. A high percentage of our clients that contact us have expressed disappointment in their lack of motivation to exercise from home. Whether it’s a fancy treadmill or bike, a light dumbbell set, or a futuristic gym on a wall… accountability seems to always be the issue. 10 Reasons Your At-Home Training Strategy is Not Working 1. Money Solution- You were relying on the $ ....

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  • Why you need your OWN Why

    Why you need your OWN Why

    I remember when training at large franchise gyms how hard it was to maintain a client base and hit consistent monthly revenue goals. For those that don’t know you are mostly building relationships with gym members and offering free “assessments” to as many people as will do it with you in hopes that you can prove to them you are the answer to their problems. I had alot of consultations/trials/assessments - whatever word you want to use. Point is I sat down and talked to 100’s of people about their fitness goals. Some of the toughest conversations I had with people who didn’t really have a big why behind their goals. When we got to the goal setting ....

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  • 6 Steps To Take You From “Gymtimidated” to Gympressive”

    6 Steps To Take You From “Gymtimidated” to Gympressive”

    You know you should be in the gym but you have no idea what to do. You’ve probably thought at least one of the following at some point: “Is my form good enough to perform certain exercises? Will I look stupid? Are people watching me?” “How much weight should I use?” “Should I even use weight?” “How difficult is this supposed to be?” “How many times should you do the exercise before taking a break?” “Should you do other exercises in between, like a circuit?” “How many times should you repeat the exercise?” “Which muscles do these exercises work? ....

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  • How to Modify Your Effort with a Mask While Training

    How to Modify Your Effort with a Mask While Training

    Is this how you are feeling training with a mask on?? I’m sure at some point you have all seen someone training with a super expensive, odd sounding altitude mask on. At first this seemed really cool for the hardcore gym crowd. It showed willingness to condition as hard as possible with limited breathing capabilities that only the tough could handle. Many trainers came to the quick realization that purchasing such an expensive piece of equipment just to struggle with breathing didn’t really make a ton of sense. “Just hold your breathe” and “only breathe through your nose” became $0 alternatives to the altitude mask. A great way to ....

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    As athletes, we have all been told that there is a certain drill or piece of equipment that will accomplish all our speed and agility dreams. “Use the speed ladder to get faster feet” “Sprint with a parachute to run faster” “Perform long runs that make you tired” “Sprint in the pool” “This professional athlete does this, so do that” There are numerous examples. At Pratt Performance Systems (PPS), we are firm believers in speed and agility training. We love performing slower activity drills to reinforce proper technique when sprinting or making cuts in any direction. We follow that up by having ....

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  • Weekend Fat Loss Tips - 7 Strategies

    Weekend Fat Loss Tips - 7 Strategies

    Monday morning through Friday evening you are smooth sailing. You drank a bunch of water, had a few salads with minimal dressing. You prioritized lean protein and vegetables all week. It wasn’t easy. There were a few moments where you wanted to splurge into baked goods or camp out on the couch with potato chips, but you resisted. You’re proud of yourself, you should be. You’ve reached your maximum torture threshold for the week. Good thing the weekend is starting. We don’t have to think about work for the next couple of days. It’s time to relax. But should we relax our training and nutrition? How much damage could two days do? It’s only a ....

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  • Getting “Too Bulky” instead of “Toned” - Women Please Read

    Getting “Too Bulky” instead of “Toned” - Women Please Read

    We have some tough women at PPS. How do I know this? 1. They have bought into resistance training/lifting weights as their primary form of training to improve their body composition. 2. They attack their session and work hard on every set. 3. They try to improve on their performance each week (more weight, more sets, more reps, less time to accomplish the same work). 4. Even if they don’t love exercises that have been prescribed for them, they still get after it and trust that it is what is best for them. 5. They make small non-overwhelming tweaks to their nutrition that do not seem like much at the time but add up to big time physique improvements in the long ....

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  • My “Diet” That Was Easy To Stick To…

    Have you struggled to track your calories and stay under them on a daily basis? I had the same struggle after college when I wanted to start losing weight. Here’s how I went about it to eventually end the confusion for myself and lose 50lbs. Some of these strategies could help you do the same. After my last season of college football I had to lose some weight. I would eat as much as possible every summer to get up to 250lbs, which was still considered undersized. If you saw me in June or July from 2008-2011, it was probably at Burger King eating a double cheeseburger. Peanut butter and chocolate milk were also staples in my diet to help me beef up for the season. ....

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  • 8 Tips For Athlete’s During COVID-19

    8 Tips For Athlete’s During COVID-19

    Athletes, you might be struggling to find the motivation to train right now. It is normal. There is uncertainty at the moment… When will you be playing your sport again? How do you train without the same gym equipment or field space as your school or training facility? Nothing is scheduled… and you have all the time in the world to work out, which makes it even more difficult to motivate yourself to get off of the couch and start your warm-up. How can you do speed work without someone to compete against? Or without a coach to correct your form? How many sets and reps should you be doing for strength exercises? Can I get stronger or put on muscle ....

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  • What Is Your “Why”

    What Is Your “Why”

    You started coming to the gym for a reason, what is it? Did someone say something to you? Did you look at yourself and ask how things got to that point? Did you just not know what to do and needed help? Were you nervous about being safe and wanted a trainer? Did you want to be part of a community of people with similar goals and challenges? Was it something your doctor said? We used to do these at Kean University every year for football and there were some fascinating stories. None of us were there for the scholarship. We didn’t play at Alabama or Ohio St. so there were no financial benefit, no illegal money from boosters, no state-of-the-art ....

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