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Why Your At-Home Workouts Aren’t Happening

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Why Your At-Home Workouts Aren’t Happening

Do you find yourself planning to exercise from home, but seem to never actually get around to it?

Do you wake up every day with a thought of getting your workout in at some point, but a snap of the fingers later the day is over, and no exercise has taken place?

You are not alone.

A high percentage of our clients that contact us have expressed disappointment in their lack of motivation to exercise from home.

Whether it’s a fancy treadmill or bike, a light dumbbell set, or a futuristic gym on a wall… accountability seems to always be the issue.

10 Reasons Your At-Home Training Strategy is Not Working

1. Money Solution- You were relying on the $ spent to create your motivation. This rarely works. Spending a lot of money on something won’t motivate you to suddenly change your exercise habits. Advertisements for in-home exercise equipment thrive on temporarily motivating you to make the purchase. After that, it’s all up to you, which is a lonely place to be.

2. Not Fun. You don’t enjoy the piece of equipment or videos that you purchased. If you hate riding bikes or running on treadmills for cardio, don’t purchase one. You may believe that suffering through something you dislike will give you the results you want, but we can only suffer so much before giving up on a non-enjoyable exercise routine. Exercise preferences can vary greatly and you are much more likely to do something that you can at least tolerate.

3. Feel Out of Shape- You hold yourself to the standard of the rest of the virtual audience. Start small to win big. If you have a leaderboard set-up that has you comparing yourself to others, you may quickly feel discouraged. I remember my first golf outing, and it wasn’t pretty. It also made me not want to play golf again because I was alongside pretty good players. Set yourself up for success, not failure.

4. Injuries- The exercise or amount of exercise is outside of your capabilities. In many exercise-from-home strategies, there is no information on the most important thing- YOU, the exerciser. There is no idea as to which exercises give you the highest fitness reward with the lowest injury or pain risk, and this is not the same for everyone.

5. Not scheduling your workout- If you can workout “whenever” you may not workout at all. Schedule it. The planned hour of exercise easily gets delayed when it can be done at home. It is the same as procrastinating your high school project. If it’s not due right now, there is no point in doing it right now.

6. No In-Person Community- Be with people just like you, that are still trying to achieve big goals, and some that have already. The virtual world has some benefits, but it is impossible to recreate face to face personal connections at home by yourself.

7. Lack of Results Despite Consistency- If you have been consistent for a period of time, it seems like your results do not match up with your expectations. The majority of at home training is very cardio-intensive and has little to no resistance training benefits. To achieve the best results, you won’t necessarily need to lift hundreds of pounds, but you will need to lift more than a single-digit dumbbell.

8. Distractions- You finally start your first five minutes of your at home workout, but then you remember that important phone call you had to make. Or how you were supposed to start cooking dinner for it to get done on time for the family. Or, the dog starts barking to go outside. Distractions at home are endless.

9. Lack of Resources- Unless you’ve invested in thousands of dollars of gym equipment, is it difficult to stay motivated always using the same exercise tool. Even with a respectable set of dumbbells, it is difficult to find new ways to challenge yourself.

10. No means of progression- If you are following a solid training program and working hard, at some point your means of progress could run out. At some point, those 10lb. dumbbells become too light (they probably always were) to give you anything close to an effective workout.

At Pratt Performance, you won’t be working with a part-time personal trainer. This is not our secondary job or side gig. We pride ourselves on being an expert training staff. We spend hours each week on continuing education and are constantly revamping our system to make it the best training product in the fitness industry. Experts that take the individual fitness goals, training history, preferences, and movement capabilities into consideration.

A training program should be customized for you. This program should be created with the information necessary to maximize your results and your enjoyability for exercise.

We want to improve your confidence and quality of life instead of leaving you full of frustration over fitness and health.

James Pratt

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