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Why you need your OWN Why

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Why you need your OWN Why

I remember when training at large franchise gyms how hard it was to maintain a client base and hit consistent monthly revenue goals. For those that don’t know you are mostly building relationships with gym members and offering free “assessments” to as many people as will do it with you in hopes that you can prove to them you are the answer to their problems.

I had alot of consultations/trials/assessments - whatever word you want to use. Point is I sat down and talked to 100’s of people about their fitness goals. Some of the toughest conversations I had with people who didn’t really have a big why behind their goals. When we got to the goal setting part of their assessment most would rattle off a few things…Lose weight, Tone/tighten up, get stronger, feel less pain etc etc. All good stuff. But the next question was always the tough one.


Sometimes there was an awkward pause. Like really awkward. I was taught in all my sales training to talk only 20% of the time when meeting with a person about signing up for training… Certainly broke that rule a lot… I used to hold out on this question though because I knew

I knew that if I started saying stuff to break the silence I would inevitably lead the person to a “why” that was not their own. One time I even tried a strategy known as getting to a persons “deep why.” In this strategy you ask someone why 7 times in a row to reveal their true deep reason for what they said was their goal.

Why do you want to lose weight? “because I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been”

Why does it matter to you that you are at your heaviest weight? “because if this trend continues I’ll probably stay overweight forever.”

Why is it important to you to avoid staying overweight for the rest of your life “ well my dad was overweight his whole life and died of a heart attack and I want to decrease my chances of that”

You see where I’m going.. Just keep asking why until you get to the deep issues that really motivate someone.

FYI the one time I tried this was the all time most awkward consultation I have ever done with a potential personal training client (he did not sign up lol). I was to scared to ever try it again.

I’m pretty sure this was me btw.

Anyway. Like I was saying before, If a potential client didnt have a good “why” behind their goal they rarely ever signed up for personal training AND rarely ever came to the gym much ever again. Why not? Because I helped them create a why and it was not their own. They would always agree with me when I offered suggestions as to why they may want to lose weight, tone up, feel better etc. But deep down it didnt motivate them to get out of bed and put in hard physical work at the gym.

It’s a real puzzle. The human body is constantly striving to maintain Homeostasis which essentially means “not changing”. Not gaining weight, not losing weight. Not increasing body temp, not decreasing it. Not increasing or decreasing hormone levels. etc. etc. The body also does all sorts of things internally to react to what you experience externally to bring everything back into balance (homeostasis) So basically sitting around and doing nothing is what should be good for our bodies. Who’s with me!???

Yet we all know that’s actually one of the worst things we can do.

Our bodies are programmed at a deep level to adapt to change and thrive even though at the same time our bodies are resistant to it! Make up you mind human body!!!!

Likely whatever goal you have for yourself related to the gym is not easy and it will not always feel good as you work towards that goal. Actually it usually feels pretty awful. (Especially when the path to the goal involves the Assault bike!)

Ok now that you are more unmotivated then ever to keep working out lets put this all together.

Change hurts. Literally, when it comes to fitness.

It’s not easy to endure a training routine that will get you to your goals especially when your body does things to make you uncomfortable since its trying to stay put where it is.

So you need a why. But not just any Why. You need a big why. Dare I say a Deep Why (here comes the memory of that awkward conversation I had)

But I think its important you have that awkward conversation with yourself. Ask yourself why you are training at a gym or want to start. Then ask yourself again. And again. And again. You may actually surprise yourself as to why you are doing what you are doing.

When it starts to get tough to stay on track this will keep you from quitting.

Jon Pfingst

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