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Weekend Fat Loss Tips - 7 Strategies

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Weekend Fat Loss Tips - 7 Strategies

Monday morning through Friday evening you are smooth sailing.

You drank a bunch of water, had a few salads with minimal dressing. You prioritized lean protein and vegetables all week.

It wasn’t easy. There were a few moments where you wanted to splurge into baked goods or camp out on the couch with potato chips, but you resisted.

You’re proud of yourself, you should be. You’ve reached your maximum torture threshold for the week. Good thing the weekend is starting. We don’t have to think about work for the next couple of days. It’s time to relax.

But should we relax our training and nutrition? How much damage could two days do? It’s only a few meals… and the difficulty in eating successfully Monday-Friday afternoon intuitively tells you that you couldn’t possibly offset all that willpower that you had. Right?

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. We’ve seen time and time again how all of the discipline in the world during the week can easily be offset or even exceeded to the point of weight gain through poor weekend decision’s. A simple way of looking at it is viewing the calorie deficit battle over the course of a week instead of a day.

I.e. You’ve determined you can lose weight eating 1400cal/day.

1400cal/day x7 days/week=9800 calories/week.

The mistake you have probably made is taking in a maximum 1400cal/day Monday through Thursday, only then to follow this up with a 2000cal Friday, and a 2500cal Saturday AND Sunday.

In this scenario, you have consumed 12,600 calories for the week. This number is far greater than the 9800 that you originally determined was necessary in order to lose fat on a weekly basis. The Monday-Friday battle just isn’t cutting it in this situation.

“Having a high calorie meal may not make much of a difference in regards to your fat loss progress. But If that meal turns into a full day and then an entire weekend, you could very well undo a month of progress. Eating an extra 5,000 calories is pretty easy to do in one meal when you include things like appetizers, dinner, dessert, and drinks. But a 5,000 calorie deficit could take a week to achieve.”

– Lauren Dunn, Absolute Nutrition Solutions

That all being said, here are 7 strategies to survive the weekend while trying to lose fat.

1. Eat more throughout the week- What? Eat more? Yes, a huge mistake that we see a lot of our members make is starving themselves Monday-Friday. This seemingly makes them feel a sense of accomplishment that lets their nutritional guard down for the weekend. A high/low approach to calories could make sense for some, but you have to make sure you can handle the high days without making them super high days. Eating a little bit more food throughout the week may feel less torturous, which can increase your confidence in following a sound calorie count into the weekend.

2. Workout- This doesn’t have to be the grueling 50-60 minute training session that we put you through here. Try to get something done. Try a brief at home workout for 30 minutes. Go for a light jog or walk. Chase your kids around for 30 straight minutes. Clean the house as fast as humanly possible. Break a sweat. We have sessions available both Saturday and Sunday now, don’t be scared to get a weekend session in. It may alter how much you allow yourself to drink and eat the night before when you know a legitimate training session awaits you the next day.

3. Fasting- This isn’t for everyone. But some people, myself included, have had great success in decreasing weekend calories when you don’t eat the majority of the day. From personal experience, not eating all day until right before going out always worked best for me. If I planned on going to a social event with food and drinks at 7PM, I would have a protein shake or protein source about an hour before going. This usually decreased my hunger just enough to not devour the entire food selection.

4. Water- Drink water between each drink or every 2 drinks. This is a game changer for decreasing your alcohol calories. It also makes you less likely to make a fool of yourself by getting too drunk! Try drinking 16oz. of water right before a weekend meal as well.

5. Protein/Vegetables- Eat these vegetables first on the appetizer table/menu. Try to fill up on them as much as you can. Order a lean protein meal if you’re out to dinner. It’s not a huge taste sacrifice. Get vegetables on the side instead of French fries.

6. Minimize or Illegalize Dessert- If you’re like me, you struggle to consume dessert-type foods in moderation. Therefore, they must not exist for you on most days. Pretend they were never created and you don’t even know what they taste like. If you want something sweet, fruit can fill this void. If you know you want or are going to have dessert at some point that day or night, consume less calories throughout that day to make room for it.

7. Don’t Have it in the House- Trying to avoid tempting foods when you’re out socializing is hard enough. Nevermind having it in your house 24/7 until it’s finished. I really can’t think of a good reason to have a bunch of food stored in your house that is keeping you from your fat loss goals. Not even for your children. Tell them Hostess and Nabisco stopped production once the pandemic hit. It’s as good of a lie as Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy and in all cases, you can simply tell them the truth when they’re older. Get rid of the junk, replace it with other stuff that might not taste as perfect as a mega stuffed oreo or giant peanut butter cup, but will help you achieve your fat loss goals.

Peanut butter powders and low calorie puddings are a couple of examples of replacements that can go a long way in keeping the calories at a minimum.

Each coach at PPS has a slightly different approach as to what works for them concerning diet/food/weekend etc. Feel free to ask all of us on the floor next time you are here training with us!

James Pratt

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