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Getting “Too Bulky” instead of “Toned” - Women Please Read

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Getting “Too Bulky” instead of “Toned” - Women Please Read

We have some tough women at PPS. How do I know this?

1. They have bought into resistance training/lifting weights as their primary form of training to improve their body composition.

2. They attack their session and work hard on every set.

3. They try to improve on their performance each week (more weight, more sets, more reps, less time to accomplish the same work).

4. Even if they don’t love exercises that have been prescribed for them, they still get after it and trust that it is what is best for them.

5. They make small non-overwhelming tweaks to their nutrition that do not seem like much at the time but add up to big time physique improvements in the long run.

6. They have never fallen victim to the fear of getting too bulky as a woman.

I can’t recall a time where I thought a woman was too bulky. That’s a lie. One time there was a woman at a powerlifting meet that was absolutely jacked and was clearly on high doses of anabolic steroids.

Correction, I’ve never trained a woman that I thought was too bulky. Ever. That is hundreds and hundreds of women over the past dozen years.

I have had a few women that disagreed with me and thought they were getting too bulky. In all of these cases, the women would admit that they had some body-fat that they wanted to get rid of.

So did you have too much muscle? Or did they just need to get leaner to look less bulky?

What does bulky mean? Is it just overweight with muscle? Isn’t that way better than overweight without muscle?

Putting on muscle is very challenging, especially to the point where you should be considered bulky.

Where is the line drawn on what is attractive and toned vs. bulky?

Ladies, if there is anyone (man or woman) telling you that you have too much muscle and you’re getting too bulky, it probably means that they don’t have much of it. They are probably insecure of their own physique and are intimidated by your willingness to put in the hard work necessary to look good and be strong.

The best way to put on muscle is to lift challenging weights and eat a TON. You can pretty much eliminate yourself from getting too bulky, regardless of your gender, if you’re not eating in a high caloric surplus consistently.

Want to get as “toned/cut/lean/shredded/muscle length/defined/sculpted/not bulky” as humanly possible?

1. Perform resistance training for at least 75% of your training week.

2. Challenge yourself in each set. If you can smile through the set, it’s probably too easy, unless you’re completely sick in the head.

3. Most importantly, eat in a caloric deficit consistently. Do not lie to yourself about how many calories you’re eating… your body doesn’t care how often you tell yourself and others that you’ve been eating really good… it responds to what you actually put in.

It’s Tuesday, August 3. I was inspired to write this by watching some of the women this morning work their ass off. Not everyone is able to do the same stuff in the gym, but everyone has the ability to push themselves to the top of their capability.

For those of you killing it, keep up the good work!

James Pratt

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